Cody Ash

Denver, CO


My favorite moment is probably being voted in as National I Club President for the 2004-05 year. Also up there is being named National Hawk of the Year in 2002, being awarded a UI Honorary letter winner, and given my Iowa Lettermans ring which I wear proudly every day!
-Ted Pacha

about the artist

Cody graduated with a BA degree with a graphic design emphasis from the University of Iowa in 2001. After school, he worked as a designer for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics as well as the Iowa Memorial Union. He was an artist for several sculptures for the original Herky on Parade. Cody has worked for Monigle Associates, a branding firm in Denver, Colorado for the past 6 years, but stays connected to his Iowa roots by creating designs for events like FRY fest and granGABLE.


Here in Hawkeye country, Wrestler Herky was a given with the University of Iowa wrestling program acclaimed as one of the most successful athletic programs in NCAA Division I. Iowa is second in NCAA history with 23 national championships, and has a rich history of talented athletes and coaches who have continued to represent the Iowa community to remain its pride and joy. Former Coach Dan Gable even helped artist Cody Ash wrap athletic tape around Wrestler Herky’s wrists.


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