Anne Johnson

Cedar Rapids


For the 2011 RAGBRAI overnight stay in Coralville, bicyclists knew they had completed their day when they reached Kinnick Stadium-Coralville, a replica of the Kinnick façade created across 8th Street marking the entry to S.T. Morrison Park and all of the Coralville activities.  The likeness was remarkable and everyone paused for a keepsake photo to document their arrival in Coralville!

about the artist

Anne is an Iowa alum and an independent student of art. Her concentration is multi-media, 3D art using a wide variety of materials from paint and textiles to clay and found objects. The design and integrity of the piece invite and determine the support and components that come together to express the concept and solve the puzzle.


Uncle Herky represents a legendary figure of America. Classic patriotic colors and images in fabric, some hand-painted, were chosen for his coat, vest, trouser, shirt, tie and hat and were pulled together in garment patterns created to complement Herky’s powerful physique. His hair and beard were formed from batting and pulled fiberfill and fashioned to replicate both hawk-like feathers and the flowing mane of classic Uncle Sam.

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