M. Renee Vogt

Iowa City


Three eight year old boys and me. That’s the crew and it is early November with a 7 o’clock start against #3 ranked Penn State. There are two moments that will stay with me forever; the first as time out was called before Daniel Murray’s kick. I looked to my left away from the end zone and saw three little boys with their heads on their seats. I told them all to stand up and watch a great moment in Hawkeye football. The second was after the winning kick, as the crowd was rushing the field, all three asked if they too could join in the celebration. If I would have said yes, they would have been off, but being a “responsible” adult, common sense prevailed and I held them back, but the night was still magical enjoyed with three young Hawk fans. -Barry Westemeyer

about the artist

M. Renee Vogt graduated from high school in Williamsburg, IA. She studied fine art and art history at the University of Iowa. In 2005 she opened a pottery studio, Renee’s Ceramic Cafe in Iowa City. She currently runs her business, raises her family with her husband, and teaches continuing education classes through Kirkwood Community College.


Named after the popular television show “The Walking Dead,” this Herky is a die-hard fan all the way to the grave. Renee used her exceptional talent to hand paint every rib, worm, open wound, and rotted tooth to spook and intrigue everyone who visits this statue.


Private Residence

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