Erin Fitzgerald

Iowa City


There’s nothing like returning to campus to start the year as an Iowa student and Hawkeye fan – the excited energy going to class, the anticipation before a home game. Whether at school or at an event, Hawkeyes always show their true colors – Black and Gold!

about the artist

Erin is a Cedar Rapids native and a 2006 graduate of Iowa State University. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design, she continued on in a career of packaging design for companies in Cedar Rapids until joining the University of Iowa as an Art Director in 2012. Working in 3D has always been a passion of hers and she loves working on sculpture projects in her free time and teaches glass fusing classes across Illinois and Iowa. Having completed Herky on Parade sculptures while attending ISU in 2004, she’s excited to be a part of this great project again for its 10 year anniversary.


Student Herky is all things Hawkeye. From his hipster glasses to his over-sized headphones, he walks the campus on trend with today’s college vibe. He proudly wears his Iowa apparel and sports textbooks, a backpack, and an Ipod. Complete in his tennies, he’s ready to walk the path to his future at the University of Iowa!


Private Residence

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