Maria Cross & North Central Junior High Students

North Liberty


A few years ago the entire school took part in the Fry Fest World record for the most people doing the Hokey Pokey at one time. The students were directed over the intercom to go out in the hallway as one large group and participate in a huge line of the dance. It was the highlight of the 2010 University of Iowa event – besides the appearance of Fry himself, of course –and it was a successful attempt to set a Guinness World Record in the Hokey Pokey, the signature celebration of Fry’s teams after big wins. The kids danced and sang and cheered! We had a great time!

about the artist

Maria is a very creative young artist. She is interested in drawing and painting, creating her own unique style for the characters in her artwork. She is an avid reader and is a member of the NCJH Art Club and Orchestra.


North Central Jr. High, 180 E Forevergreen Rd, North Liberty

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