M. Renee Vogt

Iowa City


When the first Herky on Parade hit town years ago, my kids were 3 and 8 years old. As a family we  were going to take pictures of the kids with every Herky statue. With determination and about a year’s time, our mission was accomplished! Now when we look back at our large album, we each have our own memories for every Herky. Years later in 2012, for Mother’s Day my husband took the kids, at this time ages 16 and 11, around Iowa City and took the kids photos again with the remaining Herkys. As a mother and resident of Iowa City, these are some of my most cherished memories I will ever have. – M. Renee Vogt

about the artist

M. Renee Vogt graduated from high school in Williamsburg, IA. She studied fine art and art history at the University of Iowa. In 2005 she opened a pottery studio, Renee’s Ceramic Cafe in Iowa City. She currently runs her business, raises her family with her husband, and teaches continuing education classes through Kirkwood Community College.


Peace, love, music, and art are all words that make Renee think of Iowa City. What a wonderful city with a history of offering so many resources for people to express themselves. Be sure to spot the astronaut on the back side of this Herky!


Renee’s Ceramic Cafe, 1616 Sycamore St, Iowa City

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