Nate Canton

North Liberty


I remember when Iowa won its second Big Ten football championship in three years after a really long drought. They got invited to the Capital One to play against the LSU Tigers. Three friends and I decided to drive all the way from Iowa City to Orlando, Florida in my little Pontiac Sunfire to support our Hawkeyes. We ended up getting tickets in the LSU section. It was an amazing game and at the end, we were sure the Hawkeyes were going to lose, but then Drew Tate threw “The Catch” to Warren Holloway to steal the win. We were the only ones celebrating in a sea of purple and gold. It was the perfect start to a new year. -Luong Banh

about the artist

Nate has a creative spirit with a background in graphic design. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He is a long time Hawkeye fan and was especially honored to design ‘My Hero Herky,’ which serves as both a memorial for his sister-in-law, Abbey Almelien Banh, and raises sarcoma cancer awareness. Nate currently resides with his wife and four children in North Liberty.


My Hero Herky was designed to honor the life of Abbey Jean Almelien Banh. She was diagnosed with MPNST, a rare type of sarcoma, and was cared for by an amazing group of people at UIHC. She never allowed cancer to define her, but to reinforce her nature of always putting others before herself. Abbey’s focus became helping those with disabilities and promoting cancer awareness. Sarcoma Iowa is a community that supports the Sarcoma Research Program that does nationally renowned research on this rare type of cancer. In the five years since her life changing diagnosis, Abbey created a lifetime of memories and experiences. She died at home on August 17, 2013 with the knowledge that she touched countless lives and will continue to influence countless more.


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