Cody Ash & Alyssa Peters

Denver, CO


My favorite Hawkeye Moment would have to be going to Carver its opening season. It was all the buzz from 1980 to 1983. I can remember Dad taking me into Iowa City just to look at the construction site (to get me “pumped” up to be a Hawk fan)! I can still remember the smell of the fresh popcorn, and having the (now famous) raspberry soft serve ice cream cone at halftime! The tickets were SWEET, right next to the Pep Band! At the time, my mom was a nurse at the U of I Hospital and had access to season tickets. I didn’t miss a game that first season in 1983! GO HAWKS! – Tim Honn

about the artist

Cody graduated with a BA degree with a graphic design emphasis from the University of Iowa in 2001. After school, he worked as a designer for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics as well as the Iowa Memorial Union. He was an artist for several sculptures for the original Herky on Parade. Cody has worked for Monigle Associates, a branding firm in Denver, Colorado for the past 6 years, but stays connected to his Iowa roots by creating designs for events like FRY fest and granGABLE.

Alyssa graduated from the University of Iowa with a BFA in graphic design. She has worked at AOR, an advertising agency in Denver, Colorado for the past 3 years but also designs and programs websites for Herky on Parade, FRY fest and granGABLE.


The parade wouldn’t be complete with Herky in his traditional attire, sporting a big “I” on his chest and black and gold. In his confident stance, Herky reminds us why we love him so much – as himself.


Billion Automotive, 2641 Mormon Trek Blvd, Iowa City

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