Lou Wendel

Cedar Rapids


My most fond and vivid Hawkeye moment has to be the Iowa (#1)-Michigan (#2) game in 1985. Iowa trailed by a point with just seconds left in the game, so we sent in Rob Houghtlin to attempt a field goal for the win. Michigan took a timeout and as we stood there, I said a prayer in my head. “God, we’re just little ‘ol Iowa. We don’t ask for much, but if you could see your way clear to let this field goal go through the uprights, we would be just about the happiest place on earth right now.” A moment later the timeout ended, the ball was snapped, and Houghtlin kicked it perfectly through the uprights for his fourth goal of the day and the Iowa 12-10 victory. Iowa City was indeed, heaven on earth. -Bob Goodfellow

about the artist

Upon graduation from the Kansas City Art Institute, Lou’s extensive and diverse career has included lithography and paintings in juried exhibitions; stained glass restoration in public spaces; instruction in Linn/Johnson county art education; and owning Creative Hand Gallery. Over the years, Lou has participated in various public art projects including Overalls All Over, Fly Wright and Herky on Parade 2004. She is currently the retail manager at the Museum Gate, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art where regional and area artists are featured. Life isn’t about avoiding risks…it’s about creating Herkys!


This Herky design makes its second appearance in the Parade, this time in a new color palette. Pollhawk (both in 2004 and now) was inspired by Jackson Pollock’s introduction of both action painting and the all-over style of painting, which avoids any points of emphasis or identifiable parts and abandons traditional composition.


Residence Inn, 2681 James St, Coralville

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