Elizabeth Rhoads Read

Cedar Rapids


For the 2011 RAGBRAI overnight stay in Coralville, bicyclists knew they had completed their day when they reached Kinnick Stadium-Coralville, a replica of the Kinnick façade created across 8th Street marking the entry to S.T. Morrison Park and all of the Coralville activities.  The likeness was remarkable and everyone paused for a keepsake photo to document their arrival in Coralville!

about the artist

Elizabeth received a BA degree in art and political science from Cornell College in 1972. She has pursued many careers, including teaching in an alternative high school, being a private investigator, and counseling women on employment issues. She has also devoted many hours to community improvement. Elizabeth continued creating art, and for the past 17 years, she has been working as a full time artist while raising her two children, now grown. She has participated in juried and invitational shows with her large fiber wall hangings and paper sculptures and her work can be found in both private and corporate collections.


This Herky is a tribute to the Nile Kinnick football era and the 1939 Ironmen team in celebrating its 75th anniversary. Herky’s dress reflects the way football players dressed in the late 1930’s as we have photos of my father in his uniform at Cornell College. Those uniforms offered much less protection than modern uniforms and the helmets were made of leather.


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