Kit Umscheid



I was working for KXIC’s Hawkeye Radio Network in 1981 when Hayden Fry’s program began its ascendancy. One of my jobs was to call in short post-game summaries to other stations covering Big Ten teams. You can only imagine the smile on my face at the end of the Michigan State game as I made call after call to report that the Hawkeyes were going to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 23 years. And not only that, each station paid me. Heck, I would have paid them to spread the news. – Dennis Green

about the artist

An illustrator and designer originally from Cedar Rapids, Kit now resides in Clarence, Iowa with her husband, Chris, and puppy, Rerun. She usually creates work that is reproduced in print or displayed on the web, so it is exciting to participate in a project such as this where people can walk around the art and interact with it.


This Herky highlights Iowa City’s important role in promoting and preserving America’s music. Herky’s front depicts the Old Capitol, home of the prestigious Iowa City Jazz Festival held each July. The fireworks fade into a starry night sky, bringing to mind KCCK’s signature series, Jazz Under the Stars. Herky’s back shows the new Hancher Auditorium, which will host exciting jazz performances for decades to come. The figures of jazz musicians, some of whom can be recognized from past Iowa City appearances, encircle Herky’s legs and feet.


Big Ten Rentals, 1820 Boyrum St, Iowa City

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