Tom Newport

Cedar Rapids


30 years ago I was on the Pom squad and enjoyed getting to know those engaging individuals who took on the challenge of embracing the ‘spirit’ of Herky. These students endured extreme heat, itchy and uncomfortable costume issues, and ill behaved fans, yet they remained in ‘spirit’ – a spirit of joy, energy, and enthusiasm that energized all. Herky lifted athletic teams, fans, and even sports broadcasters with his antics to enliven the spirit of the game. No matter if we were winning or losing, Herky was there to remind us of the joy and spirit of play. – Colette Soults

about the artist

Tom is a Cedar Rapids native who graduated from Cornell College in 1977. Since that time he has been living and working in Cedar Rapids building his own jewelry design and sculpture business. He has large sculptural work on both permanent display and on yearly loan in multiple cities around the country and shows frequently with Quad City Arts, Loveland Sculpture Group of Loveland, Colorado and other local galleries. Tom is also an active member of the art community in Cedar Rapids, as a committee member for multiple public art projects.


The Iowa City area is a huge bicycling community with miles and miles of trails and people passionate about cycling. Herky straddles his very own bike, ready to take off along the scenic rural roads in Johnson County.


Gay & Ciha Funeral and Cremation Service, 2720 Muscatine Ave, Iowa City

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