Alan Thompson-Wallace

Iowa City


Working at a hospital situated on the same street as a Big 10 football stadium is an amazing and unique experience and has been one of the highlights of working at UI Hospitals and Clinics. Watching thousands of Hawkeye fans flock to Kinnick on Saturday mornings helps infuse excitement and spirit into the hospital. When the alumni band parades through the hospital hallways playing the fight song for patients and their families, the day instantly becomes joyous. I cherish these Saturdays at the hospital when everyone comes together to cheer on the home team. -One of 700+ house staff members at UIHC

about the artist

Alan is originally from Middlesbrough in northeast England and studied art at Cleveland College of Art and Design and then Sunderland University. After living and painting in Prague for 3 months painting, he returned to England and worked with TS1 Art Gallery and continued to paint. He moved to the US in 2011, got married, and now works as a manager at Money and More and is studying diamond and gemstone classes. He has painted stage sets for the Iowa Children’s Museum and Coralville Center for Performing Arts and has also participated in Iowa City’s Benchmarks project.


This design evolved from a popular board game to incorporate a Hawkeye theme. The artist included pieces to set inside their corresponding shapes and enjoyed adding words appropriate to Iowa City, such as Corn fed and bleed black and gold. Real scrubs were used for Herky’s skull cap, pants, and shoes.


Private Residence

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