Ivan Medin

North Liberty


Iowa Gym-Nest  owners Brian Roth, class of ’93 and Paige (Hughes) Roth, class of ’93, along with previous owners Jim Schlott, class of ’78, Jill (Behncke) Schlott, class of ’78, and Neil Schmitt, class of ’68 are all graduates of the University of Iowa, as are several of our coaches and teachers.  The Iowa Gym-Nest celebrates its 40 year anniversary this year and is proud to support Herky on Parade, continuing a tradition that lives on in  the hearts of Hawkeye fans through the generations.

about the artist

As a kid, Ivan was always drawing and being creative. It wasn’t until 2004 when he got into the auto body industry working for BMW USA in California that he found an avenue to use his artistic flare. He started custom painting and airbrushing anything and everything from cars and skateboards to helmets and bowling pins. Since moving to Iowa he switched careers to be a dental lab technician, but continues to do any custom paint work, metal fabrication or wood work that crosses his path.


The Iowa Gym-Nest was looking for something outrageous that kids would relate to but also represent the gym and gymnastics. The fire represents the athlete’s muscles and how hard they work when doing gymnastics. The colors are the Iowa Gym-Nest team colors and the red, black, and white stripe that runs down the middle of the body and head is a representation of the same stripe that runs around the wall of the gym itself.


Private Residence

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