Anne Johnson

Cedar Rapids


Commencement is the best symbol of student success, which is one of our very highest priorities, and I am always thrilled, proud, and deeply touched when I am able to celebrate this wonderful achievement with our students and their families. As students walk across the stage and I shake their hands in congratulations, I know that we have done our job well. Few, if any, other moments in my work as president of the University of Iowa give me more satisfaction and pride. – Sally Mason

about the artist

Anne is an Iowa alum and an independent student of art. Her concentration is multi-media, 3D art using a wide variety of materials from paint and textiles to clay and found objects. The design and integrity of the piece invite and determine the support and components that come together to express the concept and solve the puzzle.


Graduation Herky represents the culmination of study in a college degree. He wears a classic fabric graduation gown over his retro “old gold” check-patterned trousers, classic shirt and “old gold” checked tie (note that our Classic Herky is front and center on his tie!). His hair was created from paint-dyed, pulled fiberfill groomed into a contemporary short cropped cut.


University of Iowa Pentacrest

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