Matt Kargol



I drove to and from Florida for the Capital One Bowl against LSU in 2004 with very limited rest or sleeping on either side of the game. The disappointment I felt when it looked sure we could not win on the final 56-yard desperation play followed by the elation when we did win is probably the biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life. We celebrated the touchdown for what seemed like a minute and looked up to see no LSU fans left anywhere in the stadium. The 20-hour drive home was immeasurably more energetic following that win and on top of that it was my first extended time spent with my future wife. It’s great to be a Hawkeye! – Thad Lane

about the artist

Born in 1975 in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Matthew Kargol has a BA, 1997, and a MA, 2005, from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and a MFA, 2005, from Clemson University. In 1998 he competed for and completed his first large scale public art project. Since then Matthew has gone on to become renowned for his large-scale sculptural public artworks.


Iowa City has long been known for its exceptional health care – the health care system at the University of Iowa not only treats patients, but it also raises up future physicians and medical professionals who will lead the way in both research and continued education. The University of Iowa Research Park is the perfect place to house Dr. Herky.


Integrated DNA Technologies, 1710 Commercial Par, Coralville

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