Ryan Bentzinger

Iowa City


Each fall, Iowa City residents eagerly anticipate the annual University of Iowa Homecoming Parade. Hawkeye fans and UI alumni from points near and far head to Downtown Iowa City to line the multi-block route and watch the parade pass by. The downtown comes alive with black and gold spirit and a special community camaraderie that showcases the University of Iowa and Iowa City at its very best.

about the artist

Based in Iowa City, Iowa, Ryan graduated with a BA in Studio Art with Honors in Education from the University of Iowa in 2011. Ryan has been an artist’s assistant and personal secretary for Chunghi Choo, F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Art at the University of Iowa since 2009. He has been the Art Teacher at Willowwind School since 2012. Ryan was also invited to be the volunteer Lead Artist of the Paint The Town project, ‘Benchmarks.’ Ryan has exhibited his artwork regionally and has had a drawing acquired for the permanent collection of the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile.


After designing sketch proposals for a few Herkys I had an idea of creating an optical, contrasting sculpture. While drawing the squares on the body, the design called to me by aligning the squares correctly and coloring certain ones Hawkeye gold to make a capital ‘I.’ I had fun making Herky’s pupils and teeth an arrangement of chess pieces. Checkmate! – Ryan Bentzinger


TBD – (Iowa City)

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